Varden viewpoint (407 m.a.s.l.)

GPS coordinates
Latitude: 62.742739024
Longitude: 7.1514129638


Length in km (3)


2 hours, 3 hours



Nature and terrain

Forest, Gravel, Mountains, Total ascent (407)


April, August, July, June, May, October, September

6413 Molde

Phone(+47) 70 23 88 00


This is one of the classic tours in Moldemarka and is best by foot in the summer period. The goal is Varden (407 meters above sea level), ca. 1 hour walk. The trip can start right down the center and follow the so-called "green corridor" through the park via the Romsdalsmuseet and the Træffhuset. By Hatlelitunnellen there is a parking where the trail starts. On the way there are several rest stops with benches where you can enjoy the great view, but the very best views will come only when you reach the very top. The entire 222 peaks can be seen here, the so-called "Molde Panorama. "

It is good way to go with regular sneakers, and this is a family friendly hike. If you want a longer trip, there are also trails off into Moldemarka from the top of the Varden. A recommended trip is to follow the path toward Skihytta and back down the gravel road to the Varden road again.

Start from the center of Molde, the Romsdal Museum, from the car park at Hatlelitunel/Grua or Kringsjå. The old Vardeveg winds upwards in several turns. The trail passes halfway the Storlihytta. The trail eventually meets the road (Vardvegen) to the Varden. Follow this up to the old Vardestua lodge or to the new Vardestua (summer cafeteria).

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Varden - the Molde Panorama

From the Varden viewpoint (407 m.a.s.) there is a good view of the town over the town of Molde, the fjord with the holms, and the famous Molde panorama with its 222 partially snow-clad peaks. It takes 10 minutes by car or 1 hour on foot along the nature trail from the centre of Molde. At the top you will find the restaurant "Vardestua", where you can stop for refreshments (May-October, check opening hours at the tourist office).

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