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Would you like to go on cross country skis or take your family on a trip? There are plenty of groomed ski tracks. Click here for updated trail status for Moldemarka, Skaret Ski centre, Hjelset Ski centrce and Isfjorden.

Ski report presents Norway's best trail atlas of cross-country!

The tracks are plotted on a topographic map. To show how much time has passed since the various tracks were preparedcolor codes are being used. Trails groomed for the past three hours, for example, are marked in green. Yellow color indicates the preparation over the last 3-6 hours. There are six different color codes. Gray-black color indicates that it has passed at least 30 days since the track was prepared. The information is automatically put on the Internet via a GPS mounted in the track machine. A gear symbol on the electronic map indicates the trail machine is at the moment.

The web page also includes a weather forecast, provided by It shows the weather at the moment and the wind direction, cloud and precipitation activity, expected temperature development and sun conditions for the next 12 hours. The length and height difference between the prepared routes are also shown.

Changed   1/4/2012  

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