Activities by the Atlantic Road
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Scuba diving at Hustadvika - Strømsholmen Sjøsportsenter

Hustadvika, with its multitude of wrecks and its rich flora and fauna, is a diver's paradise. Underwater visibility of 40 to 60 metres is not unusual in the winter, and visibility is generally good all year round. Strømsholmen Sea Sports Centre is situated near the Atlantic Road, has a diving equipment rental service and organises guided boat trips, diving courses, and airfills.

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Try pony riding at Eventyrlige Skaret

Pony and horseback riding for children during the summermonths.

Popular location for car commercials
Mercedes AMG SLS E-cell
Italian bikes, June 2010
The Atlantic Road - National Tourist Road

Experience Bud and the Atlantic Road

There are many who visit the Atlantic Road and they are filming while they are driving it. The road is also a very popular location for commercials and a top destination for many car enthusiasts. Here are a handful of films we've found on You Tube. If you have a film from our area, so feel free to send this over to us, - and we can publish it here.

Want to hiking?
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Gulberget (160 ma.s.l.)

A hike up to Gulberget (160 m.a.s.l.) offer you views to the islands Bjørnsund and Ona, the fishing village of Bud and the infamous sea draw Hustadvika. This is a family friendly tour, where you even after only a short trip comes up to a great viewpoint!

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The Atlantic Road

"The Atlantic Road meanders at the ocean’s edge, from island to island, across bridges and rock-fills. There are numerous attractive picnic areas where you can park to get even closer to the waves – a few steps and you can also cast a fishing line, if you wish. There are some excellent fishing spots. A stone’s throw to the west the shipping lane crosses Hustadvika, a notorious stretch of open sea. Many shipwrecks rest on the seafloor here.

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Atlantic Road - walking path and service center

Eldhusøya on the Atlantic road is the largest rest area along the Atlantic Road. It is located on a scenic spot at the ocean's edge.  Parts of the island are wet marshland and hence vulnerable to pedestrian traffic. The walkway is made of latticework...

Visit our fishing villages
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The fishing village of Bud

In the 16th and 17th century Bud was the biggest trading post between Bergen and Trondheim. The last meeting of the national council in Norway was held here in 1533 under the leadership of Archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson. Today, Bud is still an active and...

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The fishing village of Håholmen

Ragnar Thorseth's 18th century fishing village with its original wharves, traditional fishermen's shacks and bakery. The seaward side of this 10-acre island faces directly onto the ocean and the shipping channels. On the landward side there is a...

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The fishing village Bjørnsund

Bjørnsund is a deserted island with idyllic atmosphere. Around 1900 the population was 5-600. The houses, which "cling" to the islands and skerries have been restored and are now used as holiday houses. Popular place for school camps. Regular boat service from Harøysund in the summer season.

Want to go fishing?
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Fishing trips from the Atlantic Road

Daily fishing trips from the old fishing village Strømsholmen by the Atlantic Road at 12:00 hours. Weather and wind conditions decide whether we choose fjord or deep-sea fishing. We use either a 91-foot boat M/S "Sula" or a 27-foot boat. The trips last...

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Fræna Municipality (360 km2) covers the largest part of the Romsdal peninsula towards Hustadvika. Molde is the neighboring municipality in the south. Fræna is the largest agricultural district in the county of Møre and Romsdal, and agriculture is an...

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Eide (146 km2) is a mainland municipality between Kristiansund and Molde. The municipality stretches from the Hustadvika bay, along the southern side of the Kornstadfjord and the north part of the Romsdal peninsula. Stone industry is the most typical...

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