Tour suggestion by car: Åndalsnes and Trollstigen

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5 hours

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– a wonderful mountain kingdom

Length: 252 km
Duration: 5 hours
3 ferries

Molde-Åndalsnes , 55 km, 1 hour 15 min, 1 ferry
Follow RV64 from Molde and take the ferry across the fjord from Sølsnes to Åfarnes (15 min). Drive via Isfjorden, where the Clothing Factory Musum is located, and further to Åndalsnes. Åndalsnes has achieved official town status and appears as a modern town between the beautiful Romsdal Alps. The town is also the final station of the Rauma Railway and has a cruise harbour with close to 40 calls a year.

Åndalsnes -Trollstigen , 15 km, 30 min
Follow E136 in the direction of Dombås. From the road you can see Trollveggen, the tallest vertical rock wall in Europe. There are 1800 meters from the bottom of the valley to the top! 1000 meters of which are vertical, and some places the wall is "hanging” 50 meters outwards. There are many beautiful waterfalls in the Romsdalen valley, the two most spectacular being Slettafossen and Vermafossen. The railway bridge Kylling Bru is also to be found here. Signposted path from the road to viewpoint. Drive back along E136 and turn off to RV63 towards Trollstigen, the most visited tourist road in Norway. The Trollstigen road twists through 11 hairpin bends as it climbs up to Stigrøra (858 m.a.s.), and an impressive bridge in natural stone carries it across the Stigfossen waterfall. Trollstigen is one of Norway’s National Tourist Roads with several great viewpoints. The road is normally open from end of May – end of October.

Trollstigen -Vestnes , 81 km, 1 hour 30 min
Drive down Trollstigen to Åndalsnes, and continue along E136 towards Ålesund. You can also drop by the factory outlet of Rauma Ullvare at Veblungsnes. The A gricultural Museum for Møre og Romsdal is located at Gjermundnes, and further in along the fjord you find Tresfjord Church and Tresfjord Museum. There are also several places that offer riding trips on Icelandic ponies (p. 18). Follow E39 to Vestnes, where three bridges cross the Vestnesstraumen stream. The oldest, “Gamlebrua”, is from 1844. Detour: Kjersemfjellet mountain – nice mountain road over to Sjøholt, where you can visit the stable Stall Kjersem.

Vestnes -Midsund -Molde , 101 km, 2 hours 45 min, 2 ferries
RV661 goes along the Flatevågen bay to Tomrefjord-Fiksdal-Rekdal and Vatne. The road runs alongside beautiful fjord scenery. RV659 continues to Brattvåg, where you travel with a ferry over to Dryna (20 min). Several exciting stops and detours on the route Midsund-Molde.

Estimated time on the trip is driving time only, ferries incl.
Make time, experience more!

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