Aursjøvegen Road

6472 Eikesdal

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The road goes from Finnset in Eikesdal through Finnsetlia, featuring several 180 degree hairpin turns, through dramatic nature that might take your breath away. The trip from the fertile Eikesdalen valley, with steep mountains on each side, up to the high mountains with their open and magnificent landscape, is a trip you won’t want to miss. The road takes you in towards the dam at lake Aursjøen (862 m.a.s.) and on down through the Torbudalen and Litldalen valleys to Sunndalsøra. The road, originally a construction road from 1947-50, offers many nice nature experiences, and is a good starting point for walks in the Eikesdal mountains and in the Dovre area.

If you want an extra challenge, we recommend doing this trip by bicycle. It is approx. 70 km from Eikesdal to Sunndalsøra. Remember to bring a bicycle light for the ride through the unique tunnel at Finnsetlia. The road circles inside the mountain! There is a bicycle race each August, a real fitness test and a nice nature experience.

The road is a toll road which opens at the beginning of June and stays open until the first snowfall in October/November. It is particularly well suited for motorcycles and SUVs, and of course passenger cars. The road is not recommended for caravans.

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