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Free bikes and canoes in Aukra

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Boat and bike rental - Heggdal Fjord- og Fiskeferie

Bike rental - 10 new bikes - All sizes, carriage and additional equipment - Cabin- and boat rental

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Håp i Havet - swimmingpool

Aqua park at Finnøya with fantastic view, children's pool, water slide, bubble bench and water stream. Sauna and steam bath.

Island hopping by bike

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The municipality Aukra (58 km2) is located by the Romsdal coast and is one of Molde's neighbouring communities. The municipality consists of some mainland and the island Gossen, which make out the main part of the municipality. Gossen is a flat island...

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Sandøy (20 km2) is an island municipality outermost in the Romsdal coast. The municipality includes the islands Harøya, Finnøya, Sandøya, Ona/Husøya and Orta in addition to several small islands and skerries. Harøya is clearly the biggest one of the...

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Midsund is an island municipality southwest of Molde. The municipality consists of the two mountainous islands Otrøya and Midøya, and some smaller islands, 94 km2 in total. Dominating mountains up to 740 metres above sealevel covers 80 % of the surface...


Øyriket i Romsdal

Helt ytterst i havgapet, ligger flere av våre idylliske fiskevær; Ona og Finnøy. Naboøyene Otrøya, Gossen og Harøya har et kontrastfylt vær, med blikkstille hav en dag og skumhøye bølger den neste. Vil du på fiskeferie, så er dette stedet du må dra til.

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The fishing village of Ona and Ona lighthouse

Norway's southernmost still-functioning traditional fishing village with a permanent population of about 20-25. This small island community has small summer café, several places to stay and two pottery workshops. The Ona lighthouse (1867) is painted red,...

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Tour suggestion by car: Island hopping round Ona

MOLDE-AUKRA-ONA-MIDSUND – enjoy the view along the Romsdal coast Length: 93 km Duration: 5 hours 30 min 5 ferries We can recommend doing this trip by both car and by bicycle. Due to the limited ferry departures to Ona, it is recommended to stay...

Visit our culture treasures!
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Løvikremma Coastal Farm

Traditional coastal farm dating back to the end of the 19th century. During the season guests are welcomed by friendly hosts, and refreshments are available. There are various farm animals in the courtyard.

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The Rokta Monument at Gossen island

On the western side of the island of Rindarøy in the municipality of Aukra stands the "Rokta" monument by Nicolaus Wiederberg. This stone sculpture is a memorial to the cargo vessel "Rokta", wrecked off the Galleskjæra rocks in April 1938. The lifeboat...

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The mill in Heggdalsvika

Restored watermill dating from the 1880s. Well signposted beside the road in Sør-Heggdal on the island of Otrøya.

Exciting caves in Midsund
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The Bjørnerem caves

Bjørneremshelleren lies 200 m obliquely up from Bjørnerem, by RV 668 road. The first people to settle in Romsdal probably lived in these caves. Findings provide evidence of particularly good fishing and hunting conditions. The findings included the...

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The French Cave

The French grotto is a grotto located about 4-500 m from the ferry landing at Dryna. French POWs fleeing from the Germans lived here during the last six months of the war in 1944-45. Good view of the ocean and numerous skerries and islands.

Hiking suggestions in Øyriket
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Rørsethornet - Ræstadhornet (729 m.a.s.l.)

On the island of Oterøya, west of Molde, the Mountains lie "in the ocean" and are among the most stunning places to hike in the area. Park by RV RV668 un Rakvåg at the north side of the Island, and follow the signposted path from there. It is an open...

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Julaksla (476 m.a.s.l.)

The path starts approx. 1,6 km west of Mordalsvågen ferry port. Park by Julbøen 300 meters further ahead, RV662. The hike involves a few of light climbing. Signposted route all the way to the top. Great view.

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Jermannburet (99 m.a.s.l.)

Highest point on the island of Gossen with a stunning view. Park at the Nerbø beach by FV220 and follow the path up to the top. This hike is suitable for families and no special equipment is necessary except normal trainers. Remember to bring...

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Stølen and Heggdalsvatnet (250 m.a.s.l.)

Follow the tractor road from Reiten, or park by the chapel at Nord-Heggdal (FV202) and follow the farm road up the hillside. Approx. 15 minutes’ walk to Stølen. Walk approx. 100 meters back and follow the tractor road to the right until you reach the road up to Reiten and further to lake Heggdalsvatnet.

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Harøyburet (156 m.a.s.l.)

Harøyburet is in spite of its few meters, the highest point in Sandøy municipality. From the summit there are great views of the entire municipality, as well as the area from the fishing village of Bud in the north to the town Ålesund in the south. Harøy...

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